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Clique Coins —
A Targeted Ad Network for Black Business Owners

We’re the groundbreaking ad network that champions Black businesses and brands. As the first paid search ad network dedicated exclusively to showcasing Black businesses across a vast array of websites, we offer the most affordable avenue for small businesses to amplify their reach and connect with a more qualified audience. 


This is the future of inclusive advertising.

What does the Clique have to say?

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Podcast Network

“Switching to Clique Coins was a game-changer for a number of iHeart's independent podcast shows. Their advertising program understands the needs of Black media, especially as we grow and scale our listening audiences. Since we’ve joined, we've seen a significant boost in listeners on a regular basis.” 

Versatile Ad Formats

From eye-catching banners to actionable text-based advertising, our platform offers a range of options to showcase your brand creatively. Reach your desired customers effectively across different platforms and devices with our ad assortment.

Clear Insights & Reporting

Realize your ad’s ROI and its performance at a glance. Track clicks, impressions, and conversions effortlessly, empowering you to make informed decisions about your ad campaigns for maximum impact.

Smart, Dynamic Advertising

Our cutting-edge technology solution is automated to customize your ads to current trends and virality that match the interests of your target customer in real-time. 

Tailored Ad Matching

Our algorithm learns from your campaign data to deliver ads that resonate with your target audience. Reach the right people at the right time with technology that maximizes your ROI, scales your business, and drives revenue growth.

 User-Friendly Dashboard

Navigate building and delivering your ad campaigns with ease using our simple user dashboard. Manage your ads, analyze performance, and make adjustments seamlessly — saving you time and hassle.

Your target audience is where your coin is.

It’s time to revolutionize your advertising strategy. With our innovative features, dedicated support, and commitment to your business success, we're here to help you thrive when it comes to digital marketing. 


When you join our ad network, you'll capture attention, drive engagement, and achieve better results that make your conversions soar.

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