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Who you know, can make you money while you sleep! As an affiliate marketer with hiihat, you're earning passive income from your network — while rubbing shoulders with corporate powerhouses and the visionaries of the Black community's entrepreneurial scene. 

Our money squad are not just affiliates; you're a catalyst for change, a driving force in the evolution of business, culture, and connection.

Did someone say perks?!

You Got Questions?

Ready to turn your connections into currency? Don't just dream it—it's here for you to earn it. Join our tribe of forward-thinkers, trailblazers, and game-changers in the affiliate marketing world.

How does the hiihat affiliate program work?

You share our ad network with qualified Black businesses in-person or online with your audience through a customized QR code and link. Earn money on qualifying signups from the businesses, brands, and platforms you drive to hiihat for advertising.
It's as easy as that!

How do I qualify for this program?

Digital marketing companies, agencies, and professionals, as well as anyone that is confident with their networking capacity and relationships would be a great fit for this affiliate program.


Bloggers, publishers, influencers and content creators can participate in this program as well.


Once you apply, we will review your application and approve it if you meet the qualifying criteria.

How do I earn in this program?

You earn a flat rate commission from qualifying businesses that sign up for the hiihat clique coins ad network.
Note: Commission income is paid on a quarterly basis so you get the most income from your qualified sign-ups.

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