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How Did We Get Here?

Welcome to Hiihat Global, where the rhythm of Black culture beats strong and vibrant, one search at a time! Born from a passion to celebrate and uplift all things Black, our mission is to enrich Black life, online and offline.

Our journey began with an ambitious yet powerful vision: to elevate and expedite how Black-owned/founded/operated businesses and platforms scale into thriving enterprises that fuel economic growth and prosperity within our communities. With our user-centered approach and future-forward mindset, we're committed to providing innovative digital products that amplify Black talent and circulate wealth within our communities fast.

What sets us apart from other marketplaces and search engines is our unwavering dedication and ability to niche down — to making it easier than ever to find all things Black, all in one place.

Allyship goes beyond words—it's about action and investment. That's why we're proud to champion the idea that supporting and endorsing all things Black isn't just a 2020 trend; it's a commitment to building a more inclusive and equitable society. The work we're doing and the businesses that Black people are building, are fundamental to America's economy. 


No matter who you are, you're always welcome to our cookout — where we are creating a world for every Black person to thrive and flourish.

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