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Meet Pepper — the chatbot in your pocket that spices up your life.

Have questions about any and all things Black? Pepper is the 24/7 AI chatbot that can help.


If you’re looking, searching, trying to figure out when or where to find something Black-owned, Pepper is your girl.

What can you ask Pepper?
There’s so much!

From questions on brunch and basics, to current events and healthcare specialists, she’s got you covered. Some even ask her for a pep talk because IYKYK. Here are some of her favorite questions:

Food & Drinks

Where’s the best brunch in Oakland?

Is there a smoothie shop near me?

Which bar should I visit during Afrotech?

What’s a good coffee shop in Los Angeles?

Where is the closest bakery?

Is there a restaurant near me that I should check out?


Can you recommend a good dentist in New York City?

I need legal advice in London. Do you know a reputable law firm I can contact?

I run a small clothing business. Which accounting firm in Atlanta would you suggest for me?

Do you know of any reputable cleaning services in Accra?


What are some tourist activities to do in Dallas? 

I’m visiting DC for a conference with my family. Can you suggest a hotel?

I heard Capetown, South Africa is where it’s at! Is there a travel group I can travel with?

Is there an app where I can book my flight from Miami to Paris?

What is there to do for fun in Lagos, Nigeria?

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